how i serve

Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programing, Hypnotherapy, Success & Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, & T.I.M.E

Mindset, Manifestation, Spirituality, Meditation, & Energetics

Women’s Empowerment Leader

You can call me a LIGHTWORKER

I have a gift of seeing people in their true LIGHT & POWER. I am here to remind people who they truly are by reprograming their limiting beliefs, and negative emotions that our subconscious mind has picked up since birth. I help identify, heal and reprogram these limiting beliefs to new empowering truths.


I help people manifest the desires of their heart. Did you know that our desires are divinely given to us? Think of them as our GPS - they guide us to our purpose and most fulfilled and happy life! You are worthy of all of your desires and I teach people how to manifest their way through life with ease!

Sending you infinite love on your journey,

Christina Sthair

my Mission

I am here to help raise the consciousness of the planet to LOVE by reminding people of their true power, infinite worth, and supernatural support through neuro science, spirituality, energetics, and manifestation. I am here to empower others to rise up, be leaders and healers that creates ripples that cover the entire planet.